Frequently Asked Questions

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How does escrow work?

Escrow is a five-step payment process that protects Buyers and Sellers in a transaction. Zyckar.com holds the funds in trust while goods or services are delivered from Seller to the Buyer. Zyckar.com only releases the funds once the Buyer has received and accepted the goods or services.

How does zyckar.com protect buyer / sellers ?

Buyers are fully protected because zyckar.com will not release funds until the Buyer has received the promised goods or services and accepts the items and/or services after an inspection period. Sellers are fully protected as Zyckar.com provides complete protection to Sellers by ensuring the Buyer is genuine and has sent the funds to zyckar.com. Once fulfilling their agreements, the Seller is guaranteed to receive the funds.

Who is responsible for paying escrow fees to zyckar.com ?

The Buyers and Sellers determine which party is responsible for the escrow fees. The Buyers and Sellers can agree to one of three payment options below: Buyer pays 100% Seller pays 100% Buyer and Seller each pays 50% When a Buyer pays all or half the Escrow Fee, then the fee will be added to the upfront or initial payment from the Buyer. When a Seller pays all or half the Escrow Fee, then this fee amount will be deducted from the disbursement amount due the Seller.


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